Ethical Factory Audits and QA Testing

Wholesale Funeral Products Australia believe in fair trade and ethical working condtions in our factories.

We use American owned company InTouch Services to conduct ethical factory audits and quality control checks in the overseas factories we use to make our funeral supplies.

To ensure our funeral supplies are of the highest standard we to QA checks and testing on the ground in the factories and again in our warehouse here in Melbourne.

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InTouch Assesses Suppliers and Products

Before placing initial orders with new suppliers, InTouch experts conducted audits of multiple factories on behalf of Wholesale Funeral Products Australia to assess engineering and design capabilities, production capacity, quality assurance processes, and ethical employment and workplace practices.
InTouch also inspected products manufactured by existing suppliers and identified problems prior to shipment, saving the company from receiving defective goods and ensuring factory-produced jewellery met the client’s high specifications.

Most importantly, InTouch served as the bridge between Wholesale Funeral Products Australia and Chinese suppliers, communicating expectations and results while alleviating the client’s reservations about importing from China.