About Us


    Asha Martin

Founder and Designer


'It never ceases to amaze me how the quality of customer service I receive can make my week either incredibly enjoyable or incredibly awful. As 'consumers' in all walks of life, why do we encounter poor service so often? It honestly drives me up the wall some days. It's because of this, that I enjoy providing great customer service in my own small business. 


I'm often asked why I do what I do? Put simply, its the like minded small business owners I talk to every day in the funeral industry that make what I do so enjoyable. Connecting with people, having a laugh and enriching each others lives even if it is only for a brief chat.' Asha Martin









Life Cycle Urns Pty Ltd trading as Wholesale Funeral Products Australia


What we do at Wholesale Funeral Products Australia

  • Specialising in importing and the timely local distribution of quality funeral products to the Australian Funeral Industry.

  • Product development and distribution of funeral products including biodegradable urns, brass urns, cremation jewellery.

  • International exporting of funeral products to the USA, Europe and Asia.

  • Our Melbourne showroom is open by appointment to industry professionals and is located in Maidstone, Victoria. Please email us to arrange a time to come and inspect our range of products at sales@funeralproducts.com.au









Who do we sell to

This is a wholesale website designed for funeral industry professionals. Our pricing is not visible to the public.

Please speak with your funeral director to arrange an order from the Wholesale Funeral Products Australia catalogue. 

Email: sales@funeralproducts.com.au 
Phone: +61 39018 8056

Potential Manufacturers/Suppliers - Please note: Much time has been taken in selecting and testing products to ensure we only range the highest level of manufactured products. Any submissions from new suppliers will be carefully scrutinised and not all applications are responded to.