Serendipity Coffins Helped Plant a Forest Today

Author: Tori Bailey   Date Posted:9 February 2017 

Serendipity Coffins in Western Australia helped plant a forest today by placing an order of urns from Wholesale Funeral Products Australia. We thank you for taking part in our initiative and in return are happy to promote your business.


Have you ever been in the position of having to choose a coffin for someone you love who has died?

If you have, you’ll know that it is a sad and painful task. Firstly you have to imagine your loved one in it which is almost unbearable. And secondly, it is an expensive item. Your rational self recognises a niggling discomfort at the cost of a traditional coffin. Our hand-woven eco-coffins offer a beautiful, distinctive and unique alternative at an affordable price.

The death may or may not have been expected, – either way your mind will have difficulty taking in the reality of what death actually means. Human beings are wired to survive, to be alive, to live. Its a change that may take years to absorb and accept, and organising a funeral under these circumstances is an extraordinary and difficult task.

If you are one of those who’ve had the experience, you’ll know that the coffin options which are offered are very traditional and impersonal. Wooden boxes with religious scenes embossed on the side. Veneered chipboard coffins lined with shiny cheap satin, with plastic handles and accessories staging as lookalike gold and silver metal.

Well, because things are changing in our world, – driven by the tide against the destruction of the environment and the desire to return to more simplistic and natural rituals, funerals are becoming no exception.

Green funerals have been available in Europe, and the UK for many years because creative and forward thinking people are seeking the diversity needed within an industry which has remained virtually unchanged over the past 100 years.

About the Trees for life Program

Wholesale Funeral Products Australia are happy to promote small business by cross promotion while aiding the regeneration of Australian forests.

Every order placed with us over the value of $100 will have a tree planted on behalf the customer. Many aspects of life and death, including funerals involve toxic emissions to be polluted into our environment. By planting a tree we can help reduce the Co2 emissions and create a healthier planet for our children.

We invite our customers to submit photos and a story about your business to be posted on the Wholesale Funeral Products Australia's Blog.