Funeral Bookings- Find your local funeral director, customise the funeral and pay online

Author: Asha Martin   Date Posted:23 April 2020 

Funeral Bookings has just launched two apps in Australia for funerals. One app is designed for families looking for a local funeral director. The funeral app allows families to search for funeral homes, find out what a funeral costs, compare funeral prices, read reviews on funeral homes. The App also allows families for take full control of all the elements of the funeral by cutomising the various options to make the funeral cheap or more expensive. 

The app has been launched in a time where many families are self isolating due to the Covid19 Pandemic. Organising a funeral in isolation presents many challenges to the bereaved families. For many families around the world they are not allowed to leave the house or cannot leave the house as the risk of infection is too high. Planning a funeral is very difficult. Some are forced to meet with a funeral home but they would rather not see anyone and stay in isolation. 

Selecting a funeral home can be a very difficult decision as many families do not know where to start or who to choose. By using a funeral marketplace like funeral homes can take advantage of all the added free funeral business tools to help optimise their funeral home. The Funeral Bookings app for funeral homes  has built in CRM and funeral case management tools. Funeral homes have the ability to create their own listings and control all their own prices on the funeral marketplace.


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