Handley Funeral Services Helped Plant a Forest Today

Date Posted:14 June 2017 

Handley Funeral Services in Leongatha, Victoria helped plant a forest today by placing an order of urns from Wholesale Funeral Products Australia. We thank you for taking part in our initiative and in return are happy to promote your business.


Handley Funeral Services policy is to consider the families we serve as our main priority, and to assist them at the most vulnerable and distressing time in their lives. To provide a service that is second to none, and in doing so, provide families with a caring and meaningful service to enable them to grieve in an unrestricted environment. Thus, in succeeding with this aim the families will continue on their journey through their grief in a healthy way.

Handley Funeral Services is proud of its history and the quality of service it provides to its client families. We endeavour to provide a meaningful Funeral Service that depicts the life and character of your loved one.

There are many different aspects of the Funeral Service today, with the inclusion of photo displays, music, flowers and eulogies, to name a few. Funerals are usually sad occasions, however, with the right guidance a Funeral Service can be a celebration of life and hence a source of strength and hope.

There are also many different types of Funeral Services that can be conducted - not all funeral Services today are conducted in a church. Funeral Services can be conducted outside in a garden or at the cemetery, in a chapel, at the local football club, a hall or any of the other venues that are available in the local area.

We at Handley Funeral Services will endeavour to facilitate a service that is appropriate for you and your loved one.

About the Trees for life Program

Wholesale Funeral Products Australia are happy to promote small business by cross promotion while aiding the regeneration of Australian forests.

Every order placed with us over the value of $100 will have a tree planted on behalf the customer. Many aspects of life and death, including funerals involve toxic emissions to be polluted into our environment. By planting a tree we can help reduce the Co2 emissions and create a healthier planet for our children.

We invite our customers to submit photos and a story about your business to be posted on the Wholesale Funeral Products Australia's Blog.