Each time you order from Wholesale Funeral Products Australia you will help to plant a forest

Author: Asha Martin   Date Posted:3 October 2016 

About the Trees for life Program

Last weekend my husband and I wet bush walking in the Healsville and Kinglake region in Victoria. It was a real treat to enjoy a short break in the amazing Australian bush forests. I came back revived and the beauty of the trees started the thought process about how small businesses like mine can help plants more trees to contribute to our environment in some way.

As a small business owner I am often too busy to take a break, let alone take time out to plant trees. No doubt there are other small business owners out there like me who feel the same way and with this in mind I am delighted to officially announce the Tree For Life Program.

Every order placed with us for urns or cremation jewellery will have a tree planted on behalf the customer. *

Wholesale Funeral Products Australia are happy to promote small business by means of cross promotion while aiding the regeneration of Australian forests. Each week we will feature our customers on this blog with links, logos, photos.

Many aspects of life and death sadly involve toxic emissions that are polluted into our environment. By planting a tree we can help reduce the Co2 emissions and create a healthier planet for our children.

While many funeral directors work hard to provide green or greener funeral options there will almost always still be a small level of pollution created from the funeral. The human body can contain toxins accumulated during ones life time and the list goes on. Even the postage process of the funeral products we sell creates Co2 emissions.

Now we make it easier for you by automatically planting a tree for you for every order!

We invite our customers to submit photos and a story about your business to posted on the Wholesale Funeral Products Australia's Blog.

Note: Please note that tree is planted by a registered not for profit tree planting program and an exact location of where the tree cannot be provided for visitation purposes.

* Every order over the value of $100 will automatically have a tree planted on behalf of the customer.